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Lake Erie Island History

Johnson's Island Cemetery is located in Sandusky Bay on Lake Erie in Ottawa County in the state of Ohio and was home to over 12,000 prisoners and 26 Confederate Generals during the War Between the States

This is the OFFICIAL webpage of the JOHNSON'S ISLAND Memorial Project. This project is dedicated to the Confederate soldiers, citizens, and their families, whose lives were forever changed by the War Between the States.

Their Mission is to pay a lasting tribute to the fallen men who gave everything to the Cause they so dearly believed. This official project was founded and is managed by the Johnson's Island Committee formed by the LaSalle Corbell Pickett Chapter 2070 and the Lt. General James Longstreet Camp 1658 members of the United Daughters of the Confederacy and the Sons of Confederate Veterans respectively.

Johnson's Island Memorial

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War of 1812 and Perry's Victory & International Peace Memorial

During the War of 1812 the fleet of Commodore Oliver H. Perry put in near South Bass Island before defeating the British in the Battle of Lake Erie. The site is now called Put-in-Bay. Perry's ship "Niagara" flew a banner with the words "Don't give up the ship." Afterwards, Perry reported to General Harrison the well-known words, "We have met the enemy and they are ours..." The Peace Monument at Put-in-Bay entombs both the American and British officers killed in the battle.

Ottawa County History

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South Bass Island

South Bass Island and Put-in-Bay History

Lake Erie Regions Lighthouses

South Bass Island Lighthouse
Port Clinton Lighthouse History (The Garden Restaurant)

Port Clinton Lighthouse located at Brands Marina
Lighthouse Friends
Brands Marina

The Lakeside Daisy

The only natural U.S. population of Lakeside daisy; also good summer prairie wildflowers. The Lakeside Daisy Preserve encompasses 19 acres of the old limestone quarries on the Marblehead Peninsula of Lake Erie in Ottawa County.
This preserve was established to protect the only United States population of the Lakeside daisy, a federally threatened plant species occurring only at two other sites, both in Ontario Canada. Also a state endangered species, this is one of Ohio's most spectacular wildflowers.
In early to mid-May, its bright yellow flowers adorn the otherwise bleak, sun-baked landscape of the Marblehead quarry.

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U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service- Lakeside Daisy
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Lakeside, Ohio

Lakeside Association, The Chautauqua on Lake Erie, Lakeside, Ohio, a summer resort for traditional Christian values, Sunday worship, entertainment, shopping dining, lodging, real estate, rentals, in a Chautauqua style located on the shores of Lake Erie.

Port Clinton History
History of Port Clinton

Veterans Park. West down Second Street, one block is a boulevard in the center of Monroe Street known as Veteran's Park. This was originally called the Upper Market Space where the area farmers would congregate to sell their harvest. Now it is a well-groomed park. Note the marker dedicated to Co. C, 192nd Tank Co. The unit, formerly the National Guard unit in Port Clinton, was captured by the Japanese with the fall of the Philippines in 1941 and force to endure the infamous "Bataan Death March."

Ottawa County Court House. Just north of the Jr. High, in the center of North Park stands that Ottawa County Courthouse. This is the third courthouse on this site. The citizens of Ottawa County voted to spend $50,000 on a new courthouse on June 23, 1893. Work was completed on May 25, 1901. The total cost of the building was $61,500. A memorial tablet containing the names of soldiers who served in the Civil War and the Spanish-American Ware from Ottawa County was set into a wall of the courthouse. These tablets may still be seen on the north wall of the assembly room on the first floor. On display in the lobby is a copy of William H. Powell's painting "The Battle of Lake Erie." The original is in the national capital. The dome on the third floor has a series of paintings showing the major industries in the county. Enjoy the park with well-groomed lawn, flower gardens, and benches.

Sandusky History
Erie County Heritage

Elmore, Ohio
Schedel Arboretum and Gardens


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